why you should set up an offshore company in Dubai ?

In the next 1 minute or so, you will discover why you should set up an offshore company in Dubai.

Before moving any further let’s see why your organization should consider UAE for business.


  • UAE is Expanding. Take advantage of this.
  • Follow the footprints of most successful companies. They are migrating to UAE for a reason.
  • This nation offers the Most Business-friendly conditions.
  • UAE Government Host numerous business Expos. These open doors for expansion to the industry.
  • It is TAX-FREE. Who wants to pay tax, when you can spend your hard-earned money with your family, friends and expansion of your business.
  • Now the best news is 100% foreign ownership in a company in UAE.
  • Live in Dubai, It has Luxury, Education and Leisure.


After all these great benefits that Dubai is offering and you are tempted to open your offshore company in Dubai. 


The first thing that comes here is…


What is an offshore company?


First thing first, YES in Bold it is a legal entity. Just by going with the definition, it is formed with intend to do business outside of registered location or jurisdiction area.


What makes Offshore Company a point of attraction in UAE?


  • Complete Privacy.
  • Easy Setup.
  • You Don’t need a physical office space.
  • Moderate maintenance cost.
  • Get Your Bank Account in here.


Now that you have touched the surface to know more about offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE Connects with Sparta Consultancy Management.


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